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If you are searching for a top-quality preschool or daycare center in the San Carlos area, we invite your family to take a tour of PTBE’s Ganon Early Childhood Center.  We have families that travel from all over the Peninsula in order to have their child (or children) attend our school.    Ganon accepts children as young as 3 months old, all the way up to pre-kindergarten.   What is somewhat unusual compared to many other schools, is we operate year round, with hours from 7am-6pm Monday through Friday.   Our exceptional staff is highly trained and very experienced in both helping to educate your child during these important years, as well as placing a very high priority with regards to safety in all aspects of our program.

Our curriculum is play-based and incorporates developmental skills across a range of different concepts through innovative lessons, activities and even field trips for the older children.   For the youngest children, they will enjoy a very low child/teacher ratio in a comfortable environment that has been filled with all of the toys and cozy spaces that an infant requires.   From 13 to 24 months, your child will belong to one of two Toddler classrooms.  During this development period, our teachers will work with your children as they begin to learn to speak and interact more in a social environment.  We have weekly lesson plans filled with fun activities that will help with development during this crucial stage.  Additionally, we have a special playground just for our 1-2 year olds that is the highlight of the day for many.

At the age of 2, your child will now be in our “Twos” program.  At this age, in addition to our curriculum we have a number of activities that all of the kids look forward to, including gymnastics twice a month, weekly music with a professional musician and various cooking projects.  In our addition, we have a very large play yard with numerous structures, and a recently opened blacktop surface for tricycles.  Our 3-5 year old program is a combined program that really begins to get our students ready for elementary school.  This is the next stage of the Twos program, with some of the same activities, but more age appropriate.  We also have a number of unique programs throughout the year just for our three to five year olds.

This is just a small taste of what Ganon Early Childhood Center has to offer our families.  We are just a short drive from San Carlos and invite you to take a tour of our daycare and preschool program and facilities.  Please call 650.349. 4911 to schedule a good time to take a tour.