Preparing Your Child for Preschool

Every parent wants his or her child to succeed in school. Preschool is the first step in this journey, and parents can prepare their children for this important adventure in a variety of ways. Beginning preschool is a major change for both children and parents, and one that is often highly anticipated.

One important key to getting your child ready for a formal group setting, whether it is preschool or daycare, is to teach him or her how to socialize with other children. This may not seem like something that needs to be taught, but children who have not played much with others tend to have a much more difficult time when they reach preschool. Sharing – whether it be of toys or attention – is difficult for many children, and parents can help by modeling this behavior with their children,

It is common for children to become anxious when their routine is disrupted. Getting a sense of what to expect at preschool can help them feel safe and reduce anxiety for both parent and child. Most preschools (including our preschool in San Mateo, Ganon) will let you visit the campus with your child before his or her first day of school. This way, your child can meet teachers and staff, and get excited about the toys, games, and play areas of the preschool. Be patient with questions, even repetitive ones, that your child may have about what preschool will be like, and try to answer the questions simply and factually.

Talking to your children about preschool can also help ease their worries and get them ready to enter school. If he or she already attends daycare, you can point out the similarities to preschool. Many children are afraid that their parents are not coming back after they walk out the door, so be sure to remind your child that you will be back soon and eager to hear all about what happened at school that day.