Directors and Staff

Tamir Frankel
Co-Director, Early Childhood Education
Peninsula Temple Beth El

I am very happy to be back at Peninsula Temple Beth El’s Early Childhood Education program, which has been part of my life for many years. I grew up in Israel, on Kibbutz Gezer, and moved to the Bay Area when I was 19. I have a BA in Politics from UCSC and a Program Director permit in Early Childhood Education. I first worked at Ganon many years ago (in fact, I met my wife here!). After I left PTBE, I worked with the Boys and Girls Club and Creative Children’s Learning Center as I finished my degree. Tamir Frankel, Asst. Director I was thrilled to be able to rejoin the Ganon community in 2010. I love facilitating children’s learning through play, helping them make connections and using their whole body to learn together. I am also always interested to learn more about how children develop and learn.

Growing up I played baseball for the Israeli National team in several European championships and Maccabi games. I still enjoy playing baseball, eating good food, hiking and biking, reading, watching good movies and, of course, spending time with my wife and baby boy!


Ganon has a very experienced team of teachers and childcare providers that work everyday to ensure the children in our program are safe, well taken care of and learning!