Fun Things to do With Preschoolers in Belmont

Parents of preschoolers are always on the hunt for fun things to do with their children. While it is sometimes difficult to find good family activities nearby, there are a few gems in Belmont, California that are good for parents and preschoolers alike.

Preschoolers love parks, especially parks with playgrounds. Belmont Twin Pine Parks has not one but two playgrounds, one of which is enclosed by a fence for those children who wander away easily. The playground includes swings, climbing structures, and slides, so they are sure to become a favorite. Parents will enjoy the free parking, restrooms, and shady spots to sit while watching children play.

The Belmont Library is another excellent place to take children of a preschool age. Parents will be excited about the free parking, a large beautiful building, and an extensive DVD collection. Preschool children will go crazy for Musical Storytime. This popular event takes place every Tuesday morning at 10:30 and includes songs and stories. Be sure to get there early, as it can get quite crowded.

Another popular park to go to with your preschooler is Semeria Park. While this park used to be an ugly vacant lot, it is now a thriving and busy park, complete with spherical climbing structure, slides, swings, play structures, and bouncy rubber underneath for kids who are too excited and take a tumble. Parking is a little harder to find and there are no restrooms, so be prepared. However, the play area is perfect for preschoolers and they will spend many happy afternoons there.