Fun Spring Crafts for Preschoolers

Spring is a great time to do art activities with preschoolers – kids of this age tend to love animals and plants, and spring offers a plethora of options for fun arts and crafts. From spring leaves and trees to caterpillars and baby animals to spring holidays such as Passover and Arbor Day, this season has many crafts that are perfect for preschool aged children. Art is a wonderful experience for young children because it helps build self-esteem, creativity, problem-solving, and small motor skills needed for writing.

If you’re looking for crafts that will help your family celebrate Passover together, Seder plates are perfect. They can be made by children and parents together and actually used during the family Seder. There are many printable patterns online that children can color and glue on a plate. For those who want a little more ambition, it is possible to make the Seder plate out of modeling clay or go to a ceramics painting studio and help your children paint a pre-formed Seder plate. Another idea for young children is to use sturdy paper plates, and have pictures of each symbol of the meal cut out for the children to glue on. Then they can decorate the rest of the plate however they wish. One of the benefits of having children help with these Passover crafts is that they will be more interested in the Passover celebration when you use something that your children helped with.

Other Passover crafts can be creative as long as they have anything to with the Passover story. The Internet or your own imagination has crafts on baby Moses in a basket, the parting of the Red Sea, the Afikomen, or Elijah’s seat at the Passover table. Children can help make a name tag for Elijah to set at his place, or use a small basket and a doll to create Moses in a basket. Then parents can read these stories to the children, while the preschoolers have a visual aid during the story. The Union for Reform Judaism website is full of ideas for families for all the holidays, especially Passover (

Rainbows are a common spring theme, as they go with the rain and sun combination that is common in the springtime. There are many spring crafts for preschoolers that can involve rainbows. One that they will particularly enjoy is making rainbows out of colored tissue paper and contact paper. You can help your child rip the tissue paper, and place them on the contact paper to create a rainbow. You can add some cotton ball clouds if you’d like. To complete this project, place the contact paper on your child’s window, so they can admire their art from inside and outside. The sun will shine through and create a rainbow in their bedroom, as well!

Caterpillars are another common theme for spring crafts for preschoolers. Caterpillars can be made with egg carton sections painted different colors, pom-poms, curled paper, or a variety of other materials. It’s fun for small children to use “googly” eyes or paint eyes and a mouth on the caterpillar, and antennae can be made of pipe cleaner sections. It can also be fun to print out a photo of your child’s face and glue it on instead of a caterpillar face. To build name recognition and pre-reading skills, you can cut out green circle and write letters on them. You and your child can use these circle to make your child’s name, or other sight words to practice.