Easy Snacks for Preschoolers


Many parents of preschoolers are faced with picky eaters, or challenged by the fact that their child’s tastes seem to change frequently. It can be difficult to balance nutrition with ease of preparation and simply getting something into your child’s stomach. While there are many elaborate themed snacks that you can make if you have the time, every parent of young children needs to have a list of easy snacks for preschoolers.

Many fruits are tempting to young children because they are both sweet and colorful. Take advantage of this tendency by serving up fruit that is easy to eat. Bananas come prepackaged, and small finger bananas, if they are available in your area, are the perfect size for young children. Seedless grapes are another popular snack for parents and children alike, because they can simply be washed and eaten, but it may be a good idea to cut the grapes in half if you are concerned about choking hazards. Any other fruits – apples, oranges, pears, kiwis, and more – can be cut up and arranged on a place in an attractive fashion. Making an apple face with apples, bananas and raisins on a plate can engage children into eating these healthy foods.

Vegetables can also be quite tasty for children, who will enjoy them if they are presented well. Baby carrots, carrot sticks, and carrot rounds can all be attractive and fun to eat. Celery sticks can be dipped in peanut butter and speckled with raisins. Broccoli can be very fun for small children, especially if you explain that they are just like little trees. If your child is hesitant about that, try putting cheese on it or dipping it into hummus!

Sandwiches are always easy and children love them, especially if the crusts are cut off and they are cut into quarters (either squares or triangles work well!) Peanut butter and jelly, peanut butter and honey, cream cheese and honey, and peanut butter and banana sandwiches are all winners, and the peanut butter can be replaced with almond butter or sunflower butter if needed. Cheese sandwiches are also fun, easy, and tasty.

Finally, crackers are easy and a good canvas for many different foods. You can put cheese on the crackers, or peanut butter, and stack them like sandwiches. You can also put tuna or lunch meat on the crackers. These cracker sandwiches are simple to assemble.