Infant Daycare Program: 3-12 Months


ganon-13-24-month-imageWhile some child care providers may refer to taking care of our youngest students as “daycare”, we strive to provide a setting that goes above and beyond this notion. For the 3-12 month program our experienced staff will provide a warm, nurturing environment as your child grows and becomes familiar with his or her surroundings. Our infant classroom, which was recently remodeled, is surrounded with age appropriate toys, rockers, blankets and other items that will make him or her feel at home. All staff and parents are required to remove their shoes before entering the room to ensure a clean and safe environment for our infants. We encourage you to schedule a tour to learn more about the special attention we will make in taking care of your infant son or daughter.

Call us at 650.349.4911 or email today to schedule a personal tour of either the infant or toddler programs.

Waitlist Policy: We enroll our programs directly off our waitlist, throughout the year. Enrollment priority is given to siblings of children already enrolled and PTBE members. All other families on our waitlist are organized by first come, first serve.