Is Your Child Ready for a Pet?

Figuring out if your child is ready for a pet can be an involved procedure, no matter how old he or she is. There is no hard and fast rule regarding at what age a child is prepared for a pet. Certainly there are many benefits to having a pet while growing up. Caring for […]

Eating at Restaurants With a Preschooler

Pre-child, eating out can be a relaxing experience, with people available to wait on you and cater to your every whim. Post-child, dining at restaurants can often be an exercise in frustration and disappointment. There are ways to survive eating at restaurants with preschoolers, however, and taking time to be prepared with help considerably, both […]

Getting Out of the House on Time with a Preschooler

For many of us, it was hard to get out of the house on time even before we had a child. Losing keys, trying to find the perfect outfit, and getting all of your stuff in order can be difficult. Add a preschooler into the mix and the process is exponentially more difficult. Is it […]

How Naptime Can Change From Infants to Toddlers

When you have an infant, you may wonder if their sleep schedule will ever stabilize. It seems like infants sleep all the time or not at all, whatever is the most inconvenient for their parents. However, they will eventually get a nap schedule down but it varies from baby to baby how often they sleep, […]

Keeping Toddlers Safe Around Older Children

If you have children of differing ages, you understand how important it is to do age-appropriate activities, separate toys according to age, and generally monitor when children of different ages are playing together. You’ve probably already hidden the small legos from the younger child, and help your older child understand that their old baby toys […]

Solving Conflicts Between One-Year Olds

As is true with any age group, one-year olds tend to have conflicts in inter-personal interactions. In fact, they may actually have more issues than other age groups because their verbal communication is so limited. It is essential for parents and other caregivers to be well equipped in how to help solve these conflicts in […]

Tips to Transition from the Bottle to a Sippy Cup

Parents of more than one child quickly learn that there is no such thing as a set age for any milestone, even one as simple as using a sippy cup instead of a bottle. Babies, and sometimes toddlers, are ready for this step at a variety of ages, but there are some steps to make […]

Baby Signs: Communicating with Baby Sign Language

Baby signs, also known as baby sign language, is a specific form of sign language for use with babies and toddlers. While sign language has been used by hearing impaired people for countless generations, it is a fairly new idea for hearing parents to use sign language with children who have no hearing or cognitive […]

When Will Your Child Learn to Talk in Sentences?

It’s common for parents to wonder about major milestones in their children’s development. At the top of this list are questions regarding when children will learn to talk, since parents are eager to be able to communicate more clearly with their children and hear what they are thinking. As with any major developmental milestone, there […]

Simple Art Projects to Do With Toddlers

While many parents and teachers are a little hesitant to begin art projects with a toddler because of the potential mess as well as the short attention spans of toddlers, there are many art projects that are perfect for this age group. Many art activities give young children important opportunities to not only develop their […]