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If you are in Belmont and looking for a full-time, year round preschool or daycare center for your child, make sure to take a look at our school, PTBE’s Ganon Early Childhood Center. We are  located in San Mateo, and constantly strive to create a loving, warm environment that welcomes children of all backgrounds.   Our preschool and daycare staff are highly trained in both the education and needs of young children.  Combined with a loving staff and exceptional facilities, our students are well taken care of both in the classroom and on the playground.

We begin accepting children for our daycare program as young as 3 months and have students as old as pre-kindergarten in our preschool.  We have numerous age-appropriate activities that range from nature walks,  art activities, and professional weekly music classes to cooking, gymnastics and field trips for the older students.   One of the truly special aspects of both our daycare and preschools is the enormous playground adjacent to the classrooms.    We have two very large spaces, one for the under 2s and a larger space for the older children, that has a great assortment of play structures, sandboxes, outdoor toys and tricycles for the older kids.  Our kids and parents all love the outstanding features of this outdoor space.

Our preschool and daycare programs are exceptional and invite all Belmont parents who are looking into to and Early Childhood Education Program to visit our school for a personal tour to truly see what sets Ganon apart.