Art with Preschoolers: Tips and Hints


Preschoolers love to make crafts but they often need help with fine motor skills and (especially) clean up. Crafts with preschoolers can be an excellent way to spend quality family time as well as to create things that will be treasured for years to come. Art is also important for children to help them develop their own ability to express their self, and build self-esteem.
When doing crafts with preschoolers, remember that simpler is better. Avoid elaborate projects that are only going to frustrate both of you, and find projects that require only a few steps. Young children often like getting messy, so set up the newspaper or drop cloth before working in order to make clean up easier. The process of doing the activity is always much more important than the product, so have fun and get dirty!

Painting is a favorite for many preschoolers. Finger painting allows children to have a full sensory experience and build their small motor skills while they’re creating their art masterpieces. Another bonus- painting can often be done outside, during pleasant weather, in order to reduce mess. Parents can get in on the action and take the chance to have fun with their children. Painting can also be connected a trip to a local museum, or any of the many book on artist made for preschoolers.

Paper crafts with preschoolers can also be a good way to spend a rainy day or a weekend morning. Paper lunch bags can be made into puppets, with markers, glue, and scissors. You can then create a family puppet show to keep the fun going. Sock puppets are another fun craft for small children. They can have button eyes or faces painted on or drawn on with permanent marker. Older preschoolers can practice simple sewing with an adult, creating an engaging challenge for them.

Seasonal-specific crafts are popular with preschool-aged children as well. Whether you help your children make a leaf creature, a Styrofoam snowman, or painted pine cones, the fall and winter seasons lend themselves well to preschool crafts. You can also help your child find fall leaves and glue them onto paper to create fall-themed decor, such as a decorative wreath.

Animals are a favorite with children of all ages. Paper plate masks can be made in the form of lions, rabbits, cats, and many other favorite animal faces. A different animal can be made for each letter of the alphabet, helping children learn the sounds that go with each letter. That is only one way out of many to make crafts with preschoolers educational. You can also make animals collages such as those in popular books like Brown Bear, Brown Bear with torn paper and glue.