5 Fun Things To Do with Young Children In San Mateo and the Local Area

We often hear from parents that when the weekend comes (or even 3 day
weekends!) that they sometimes are stuck for ideas for things to do with
their children. Over time we will use our blog to come up with some fun
suggestions that may be a good resource if it’s 10am on a Sunday morning
and you are trying to decide what to do for the day.

Here are our first 5 in the series:

1. The playground at Coyote Point Park is amazing, in a gorgeous setting
right by the Bay. There are 2 separate areas for the younger and older
children. For those adventurous kids, the large castle slide is always
a hit. Note: there is an entrance fee to the park.

2. Go for a scavenger “nature hike” in a local park. A lot of parents
don’t think about taking young ones hiking, but they are great on short
walks, especially if there is a goal and incentive at the end. Spend 5
minutes putting together a short list of things to find (e.g. pine
cones) and have a treat at the end when they finish the list. A great
way to learn and have fun together!

3. Every Sunday from Spring until early Fall there are free concerts at
the bandstand in Golden Gate Park. They are put on by the Golden Gate
Marching Band and are a always enjoyable. There is plenty of seating
and loads of room for the kids to dance, so it’s always a hit. (Just be
sure to bring blankets for those “hot” SF Summer Days!) The type of
music changes weekly so check their website for a schedule.

4. There is a parking lot near the Marriott in Burlingame that has an
amazing view of the airplanes landing and taking off at SFO. It is on
Old Bayshore Road near Millbrae Avenue. There is also short walking
trail as well if you want to get some fresh air, great for the kids!

5. Millbrae has a train museum at the old Millbrae station. The
highlight is a restored sleeper car you can walk through and see how
people traveled in luxury last century. It is right next to the
Millbrae Caltrain station, so the kids get a kick out being at the
museum and have the bonus of getting a front row seat when a commuter
train goes by. Hours are limited so check before going.

We look forward to sharing more fun activity ideas with you in the future.