4 Fun Things to Do With Toddlers in San Mateo County

In our continuing series of fun local activities for toddlers, here are four more free or low-cost ideas in San Mateo County:

1) Coyote Point in San Mateo has a wonderful location for small children called CuriOdyssey. There are many types of animals and exhibits at this museum/zoo, including river otters and bobcats, and it is the perfect size for young children. It includes toys, a falcon aviary, a little zoo, a garden, and a variety of exhibits all about the bay area habitats. Parents will not be disappointed either, as CuriOdyssey has an incredible view and sits right on Coyote Point Park so that families can picnic or walk the trails before or after. Put together, CuriOdyssey and Coyote Point make science and nature fun for the whole family, from toddlers to adults. Both the park and the museum are well kept up, safe, and clean, making it one of the best things to do with toddlers in San Mateo County.

2) Burgess Park in Menlo Park is a haven for small children and parents who are looking for something to do with their toddlers in San Mateo County. Older siblings can play on the baseball diamond or the soccer field, while toddlers can have the time of their lives on the grassy areas and the playground. There is also a library right next to the park for when children get tired or hot or parents want to include story time in their day. Bathrooms are available and fairly clean for a park, which helps with children of that age, and the duck pond is a fun place for toddlers to interact with nature.

3) The library near Burgess Park is the Menlo Park Library, Main Branch. Aside from being conveniently located next to the park, it has some great resources for toddlers as well as the rest of the people in the family. There are various story times for children ages 2-5 (as well as older and younger), including a bilingual Spanish and English story time and a bilingual Mandarin and English story time. There is also a good collection of children’s books in the library. The most popular area seems to be the various toys and games in the seating area. It’s a child safe spot, with convenient seating for the adults to enjoy the library as well.

4) Stafford Park in Redwood City is another great place for the entire family, with a special areas for toddlers. This park feature water play, toddler swings, sand boxes, toddler appropriate climbing structures, and additional structures for older children. There are often concerts in the summer, as well!

Stay tuned for more ideas in future blog posts on the Ganon website!